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SSmall and Mid sized business with international aspirations find it treacherous to work on multi country laws and regulations and most importantly identify and operationalising the optimal business structure for managing their growing global foot print. DVS with its global presence and partners in over 100 countries act as Global CFO for our clients where we provide a senior trained professional who shall be the single point contact for all the international legal, tax and financial functions of our Client. Given our experience in understanding and handling multi-country businesses, the lead time to set up this function is significantly lower and economical.

TTeam DVS handles all functions from interacting with lawyers domestically, appointing auditors, concluding contracts, securing employment agreements, to opening and managing bank accounts across all the jurisdictions of operations of our Client. We understand our Client’s unique business needs and work with the promoters/top management to optimize the ease of managing a global business throughout the cycle of our engagement through our Global CFO practice.


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