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Finance is the life blood for any thriving organisation and a good CFO brings the desired structure and sanctity to the role given the case for ever evolving laws and regulations. Further, where the business involves cross border transactions, the need to engage and work with professionals across jurisdictions is inevitable and makes the role extremely complicated. For startups this is a cost better not front loaded given their organisational priorities and limited resources.

For many businesses, this could be a significant cost which may not warrant an adequate return on investment. A strong organisational CFO substitutes the need for an expensive individual and instead replaces the profile with an entire team for the designated role at a fraction of the cost. Our customised CFO offerings are as under:

Global CFO

Global CFO/ project management has been one of niche offerings to clients intending to grow their businesses inorganically across geographies. In this offering, a client proposes his intention to engage into a particular business in a specific geography and states his intended business model.

At DVS, through our network of professionals, associates and clients, we perform a detailed feasibility of the proposed business idea and submit a “Business Feasibility Study”. Basis the study, if the client intends to proceed with the opportunity, team DVS proposes a “Practical” business structure for investment and repatriation of profits in the most efficient and compliant manner. Further, we implement the structure and manage the on-going compliance and regulatory needs of our clients throughout the business life-cycle across jurisdictions.

Our Global Project Management offering has been one of our significant and path-breaking solutions which has facilitated many small/mid businesses to enter into the bigger league globally.

Virtual CFO

Setting up businesses in unknown geographies could be a daunting task for small and mid-sized businesses given the ambiguities involved and the myriad of domestic compliance. Engaging a full-time executive CFO may not justify the investment involved since significant part of the work is front loaded and subsequent activities are more in the nature of maintenance engagements. Our Virtual CFO services ensure that our clients have their CFO at their place of business who handles their day to day business transactions and also guides them on the grey areas of regulations. Our CFOs act as one point of contact between our clients and their finance team, regulators and external consultants while they handhold businesses till such time a full-time CFO is appointment or for such duration as may be warranted. We offer this service across all our offices while in geographies where we do not have a presence- we leverage on our global network to provide this service.

Startup CFO

India is touted as one of the fastest growing start-up hubs of the world and is home to some of the largest unicorns in this space. The common challenge faced by every start-up entrepreneur is that, how their dream idea can become a sustainable business? Myriad of questions like what would be the constitution? How do i get to structure my relationship with my co-founder? How do I structure ESOPs for my initial employees? How to negotiate my initial investment deals? These and many more questions need to be successfully addressed before a startup gets to set the ball rolling.

We at DVS work closely with start-up hubs and entrepreneurs to ensure their structure is in place, their legal and regulatory obligations are honored and more importantly their finances are accounted appropriately. Our Startup CFO solution ensures that the start-ups have a dedicated professional at a fraction of the cost to meet the requirements of a fledgling business till such time they grow to hire their own legal and finance team.


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