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Business models constantly evolve and businesses grow, acquire, merge, sell or metamorph into such other form or transaction as may be warranted. Each of these options have their own set of challenges and opportunities and also require a host of talent to take it to a conclusion successfully. Most of these transactions require diverse knowledge and experience across laws and regulations to engage and execute.

At DVS, our assembly of experienced professionals across various fields including legal, corporate laws, banking and taxation provide an invaluable repertoire of talent needed to confidently take such transactions to closure. Some of our specific offerings in this space are:

Business Set up

Setting up a business has always been challenging task more from the perspective of choosing the most appropriate structure and constitution. Whether your business should be a partnership or an LLC or a company or a branch are decisions which may have far-reaching consequences for the future of any business.

At DVS, we identify the various possible options and guide our Clients to choose the most appropriate constitution and ownership structure considering all relevant aspects of business including impact of Permanent Establishment issues, DTAAs, MLIs, foreign exchange laws and other relevant regulations.

Post, incorporation, we hand-hold our clients for the first 6 months to 2 years, and ensure that their business journey starts safe and sound. Further we explore the option of the proposed business venture availing any of the Government approved tax or fiscal incentives which may be possible. Our Virtual CFO and Global CFO service offerings compliment our business set up services.

Corporate Restructuring

Business models are evolving and businesses constantly undergo restructuring in the forms of amalgamations, acquisitions, demergers, slump-sale or such other modes as may suit the circumstances. Multiple tax and regulatory statutes including Corporate Laws, Competition Laws etc would apply to most forms of business restructuring. The financial benefits and cost validations can vary significantly basis the regulatory impact of business restructuring.

We at DVS through our team (internal and affiliates) of experts provide a comprehensive view of the regulatory landscape affecting a transaction and handhold our clients to successfully execute complex restructuring transactions. Our decade plus experience in cross border structuring provides invaluable practical insights while executing international restructuring transactions.

Corporate Laws and Secretarial Solutions

Corporate laws, especially The Companies Act 2013 has emerged as one of the most compliance driven regulations in recent times – this was necessitated to ensure that the governance and reporting systems in Corporates ensure transparency and prudence. As a consequence, elaborate secretarial procedures and compliances have been mandated for Corporates. Further, failure to comply or violation of the regulations attract significant monetary and civil consequences. Our team of Company Law professionals engage with our Corporate clients at every stage of their existence to ensure their regulatory obligations are fully complied with.

Fund Raising and Syndication

Raising capital be it equity or debt has been one of the challenges for many startups and SMEs. Many a times promoters are faced with the challenge of choosing the appropriate structure weighing the costs, flexibility and more importantly the terms of the engagement.

At DVS, senior bankers and finance professionals engage with clients right from preparation of business plans and hand-hold the transaction till the ultimate disbursement of funds. Our vast experience in handling both debt and equity transactions ensure that clients land on a fair deal at the right price. In certain instances we also handle the mandate of raising capital through affiliates, clients, funds and banks. Many reputed banks, NBFCSs, funds and fund managers are associated with DVS either as clients or business affiliates thereby facilitating smoother fund raising process for viable projects. It is noteworthy to mention that the founding partners of DVS are promoters of Aatma Capital Private Limited, an RBI registered and licensed NBFC – www.aatmacapital.com, which is engaged in private debt placement through syndicated deals.


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